1930’s Crossley Engine

1930’s Crossley Engine. Originally built by Coventry Climax. To say this is a historically important engine is a bit of an understatement given the Crossley connections!

Nissan Skyline R32 Engine

Nissan RB26 as fitted to Skyline R32 – a classic piece of Japanese tech, rebuilt with uprated forged rods, pistons, cams and customers choice of paint finishes which are stunning! Looking forward to seeing this one in action.

A-Series Mini Turbo

A-Series Mini Turbo!! 1.3Ltr High-specification build featuring a Saab turbo. Fuelling setup and running-in on our engine dyno. Ready for setup in the car!

Happy New Year for this Toyota 2ZZ-GE!

Happy New Year to all our followers! The Yamaha designed Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine is a highly durable unit in standard 190bhp NA spec. This one from a Lotus Exige came in for head porting and rebuild with forged internals for supercharging to 350-400bhp.